1. Specialised lotions

    • extremely effective in removing impurities
    • provide care for the surfaces without damaging their structure
    • impede the re-deposition of dirt
  2. Liquids for cleaning glass and mirrors

    • an intriguing, cosmetic fragrance will provide comfort of use
    • excellent shine without polishing
    • shining glass without smudges and streaks
  3. Household cleaning and care lotions

    • they effectively clean all surfaces
    • leave a fresh smell in the room
    • impede the re-deposition of dirt
  4. Household cleaning and care lotions

    • leave a pleasant cosmetic smell for long
    • they effectively clean and gently lustre
    • concentrated formula ensures high performance

Mill Clean catalogue - 2017 products

Mill Clean’s multi-page product portfolio, which includes household cleaning and care lotions, specialty lotions, and liquids for cleaning glass and mirrors. The catalogue also includes:


  • logistic list of assortment
  • a map of sales representatives with their contact numbers
  • ways of presenting Mill Clean products.

Mill Clean Advice Corner - Take care of your home!

Interesting facts and practical advice straight from the world of cosmetics for home of Mill Clean brand will change your thinking about the tedious and tiring cleaning. Your approach and attitude to daily chores will become a real pleasure.

Downloads (pdf cards and photos)

In the DOWNLOAD tab you will find product safety data sheets, information on the chemical composition of the products and product pictures and their description. We encourage you to use our database!