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Tungsten oil, contained in Mill Clean cleaning lotion for wooden floors: Oiled and Waxed, is a natural vegetable oil extracted from the tungsten nuts, grown in China. It is the most waterproof of vegetable oils. For years it has been used in furniture and boatbuilding industry and for the protection of boats and oars. It is currently used to improve table tops, furniture, floors, food contact items such as kitchen boards, bread bins and wooden bowls.

  • The most durable natural oil to protect wood on the outside.
  • Deeply penetrates and protects the wood from dirt, stains, greying and drying out.
  • It does not create shining.
  • It leaves no coating on the surface, allowing the wood to breathe.
  • Effectively emphasizes the natural character of wooden finishes.
  • It permanently protects wood against damaging atmospheric conditions, preventing it from aging.
  • Perfect also for the care of pre-oiled parts.
  • It is free from additives and safe in contact with food.