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Spring is an opportunity for thorough cleaning, and surely we do not forget about the windows. Crystal clear and shining glass panels add charm and freshness to any interior. To actually make it happen and to have a pleasant, nice and attractive aroma in the house it is important to choose the product and method of cleaning. Mill Clean liquids for cleaning glass and mirrors not only clean even hard, greasy dirt without smudges or streaks, but they also provide great comfort and pleasure of use thanks to its unusual and not chemical smell: May Morning, Marseille Soap Flakes and tea-citrus aroma of Memories of Ceylon.

A few tricks useful in terms of window cleaning so that the pleasure and the final effect could overwhelm the feeling of unpleasant necessity:

  • It is worth remembering to clean windows on cloudy days or to plan cleaning them in the morning or in the evening on very sunny days.

  • It is good to dust very dirty windows with a dry cloth.

  • Use a solution of one ampoule of Mill Clean household cleaning and care lotion and 5 liters of water to wash the frames and windowsills.

  • We recommend to clean the windows from the top down with a Mill Clean liquid for cleaning glass and mirrors and to dry the glass from the bottom up.

  • Washed windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces should be dried with a clean and dry cloth in vertical and horizontal movements.

Cosmetic-scented Mill Clean liquids for cleaning glass and mirrors will create a fragrant aura of cleanliness in every house.